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Control- and programming software - Headend system DH8-Twin

Can be used for the following products: All DH8-Twin plug-in cards, Standalone-Modules S2-QAM, S2-QUAD, S2-COFDM, HDMI-QAM, HDMI-DVBT, HDMI2-QAM, HDMI2-DVBT, AV-QAM, AV-DVBT, T2/C-QAM, T2-/COFDM, T2/C-DVBS, SKU-Twin, HDMI-DVBS, AV-DVBS, HDMI-T-QAM, HDMI-T-DVBT, HDMI-AV-T-QAM, HDMI-AV-T-DVBT

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Update software - Headend DH8-Twin

for PAL Cassettes  DOWNLOAD

for QAM Cassettes  DOWNLOAD



ASTRO - X-Serie / V16 / M2-Twin / M5-Twin / M8-Twin / M08-Twin
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